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Accel Partner Schools
Integrated K-12 American English program

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Click here to view a short video about APS on our YouTube channel.

Accel Partner Schools is a daily, intensive English language training program designed for integration directly into each student's class schedule.  Featuring enthusiastic, well-trained teachers, the program has three phases:

  1. Daily one-hour English instruction.

  2. Daily intensive English and bi-lingual instruction in one or two other academic subjects.

  3. International school accreditation with American and international curriculum and English-language instruction in all subjects. 


The APS program will prepare students for international study at the university level and give them the huge advantage of English language capability in Kinshasa's competitive job market.

The Phase 1 concept was successfully prototyped at Collège Moderne le Figuier in late 2018 and implemented at Complexe Scolaire les Loupiots and Collège Samuel-Lévi beginning with the 2019-20 school year. 

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Prof. Bienvenu

Prof. Eugene

Prof. Joel

Prof. Adam

Prof. Anges

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