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big family photo 181229.JPG
Grandma and Emma C smiling at Ben.JPG
Addie and nutcracker.JPG

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Bubble bubble pop

Bubble bubble pop

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Max and Addie drawing.JPG
Ann B Lucy Marcy Hal.JPG
Marcy reading to Hal & Lucy.JPG
Hannah ping w Ben.JPG
Hannah ping with Lucy.jpg
Hannah ping w Lucy and Ben.JPG
Ann B Hal and Lucy.JPG
Hal in fridge.JPG
Addie drawing.JPG
Costumes on the porch.JPG
Claire and Mochi leg wrestling.JPG
Claire and Henry snowsuits.JPG
Hannah and Hugh headgear.jpg
Couthins at breakfast.jpg
Hannah Marcy Emma C.JPG
People with babies.JPG
Doctors visit.JPG
Nurse Addie.JPG
Orion Death Star waffles.JPG
Marcy & Benny.JPG
Not happy.JPG
Claire and Ben.JPG
Pat Emma K Jane.jpg
Orion sleeping Ben.JPG
Marcy Claire at piano.JPG
Marcy & Hannah in kitchen.JPG
Lucy cutting fruit.JPG
Escape from Christmas overload.JPG