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Accel Academies of Congo asbl is an education organization headquartered in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

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CALI Congo American Language Institute

APS Accel Partner Schools

Accel is pleased to announce a new partnership with L'Académie des Mines de ERG at the University of Kolwezi (UNIKOL).  For more information please contact us at

Accel Congo's leadership includes American and Congolese educators, business people, artists and communicators. We seek connection with hard-working and inventive individuals who recognize the benefits of engaging with the global community and recognize that English language skills and other intellectual tools are critical to success in that community.

Accel Congo exists to assist these individuals to elevate their lives, families and communities through education, training, and creation of social capital that will form the foundation of the country's lasting development. 

We integrate the best international practices with the most positive aspects of Congolese culture and wisdom to create extraordinary educational opportunities for the students at our various academies, ranging from 3-year-old pre-schoolers to aspiring international college students to seasoned professionals learning English in order to expand their businesses or qualify for their next career advancement.

We operate the Congo American Language Institute (CALI) under a cooperative agreement with the US Embassy in Kinshasa.  CALI has been an English-language training public diplomacy program of the Embassy since 1962. 


Through Accel Partner Schools (APS) we offer enhanced English training programs to K-12 school partners. 


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